Naan Nirvana at Himalaya

One visit is enough to spark a love/hate relationship with Himalaya – the infamous North Indian/Pakistani hole-in-the-wall of the Ghandi District. The place is not much to look at. On a scale of 1 to 10 the ambiance would be a 1; the chairs are sticky, it’s hot, and the plates don’t even look totally clean. One whiff of the food, though, and all thoughts about maybe going somewhere else for lunch go out the window. You’re going to sit down and try whatever that is you’re smelling.

The owner,┬áKaiser Lashkari, is always in the house. He visits with tables, acts as the cashier, and occasionally sits at his desk, which is located right in the middle of the dining room. He seems very involved in the day to day operations and doesn’t seem to be changing the cash only policy and time soon. I guess that’s just how you roll when you know you have the best Naan on the block. Everything else we tried was pretty great too…

himalaya houston samosa

 Vegetable Samosas


Fresh out of the oven Papadam


Garlic Naan – hands down the highlight of Himalaya


Chicken Tikka Masala


Malai Kofta - Vegetable dumplings simmered in a creamy, buttery sauce

I’ll definitely be back, next time for some lamb, Pakistani dishes, and most likely takeout.

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